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Racing Routes

Over 35 years ago, I began frequenting local race tracks around my hometown of Charlotte, NC which steered me towards my career as a Dealership Technician before becoming a NASCAR Engine Builder and Jackman. I’ve collected stories along the way and met many of the biggest names in motorsports, all having their own stories to tell. 

Will Cronkrite on Racing Routes with Hamm, Photo Phil Cavali & Traci Hamm Monday 7-26-21 Will Cronkrite participated in NASCAR racing from 1970 to 1993 as a crew member, crew chief and car owner with drivers Dale Earnhardt Sr., Ricky Rudd, Mark Martin, Joe Frasson, Cecil Gordon and others. His cars that he built raced with the number 96 and 86 primarily. Mr. Cronkrite has a new book that is absolutely fascinating with stories of the old “research and design” days and the amazing ways the builders of the day pushed the rules envelope. Cronkrite participated in many racing series and the drivers stories are sure to very informative. Get your copy here… Thanks for watching – Leave a question or comment. Subscribe to see how things work and how you can fix it yourself, also weekly chats with Nascar crew members to talk about the roots of racing and their Racing Route. My Website – Find me on Instagram, Twitter @DHammiam Check out my Podcast (search) “Hamm The Engine Man” #Nascar #Racing #WillCronkrite #RacingRoutes #RacingRouteswithHamm

Past Episodes

Tune in Every Monday evening at 7:00 as I host a show “Racing Routes with Hamm” right here LIVE on #DHammiam. You’ll meet a new NASCAR personality each week and learn their path, their stories, and their racing routes.

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